Ideias de Felix Mann que ainda dão o que pensar

O acupunturista Felix Mann (1931 – 2014 EC) desenvolveu um sistema próprio de Acupuntura Científica onde ele se distancia das ideias clássicas e faz uma crítica à existência de pontos de acupuntura e dos meridianos.

Citações do livro Reinventing Acupuncture: A New Concept of Ancient Medicine, de 1992:

Many acupuncture points are in practice like McBurney’s point, in that both the position and size of the point vary enormously (…)

The meridians of acupuncture are no more real than the meridians of geography. If someone were to get a spade and tried to dig up the Greenwich meridian, he might end up in a lunatic asylum. Perhaps the same fate should await those doctors who believe in [acupuncture] meridians.

… the original, probably correct, observations were taken up by scholars who then processed something simple into something complicated, in their masterful, scholarly way. Possibly they wished the meridians in microcosm man to simulate the pathway of the planets in the celestial macrocosm and thus produced the truly amazing course of the meridians, coursing three times round the whole body.

Sua obra compreende as seguintes publicações:

  • Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing (1962)
  • The Treatment of Disease by Acupuncture (1963)
  • The Meridians of Acupuncture (1964)
  • Atlas of Acupuncture (1966)
  • Acupuncture: Cure of Many Diseases (1971)
  • Scientific Aspects of Acupuncture (1977)
  • Textbook of Acupuncture (1987)
  • Reinventing Acupuncture: A New Concept of Ancient Medicine (1992)

No Brasil, há muito tempo se editou o livro Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing (Acupuntura: a Antiga Arte Chinesa de Curar, em português) pela Editora Hemus.

Hoje, praticamente só se acha esta obra em sebos.

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